Asyncronous http library for python

Main Features:
Because I wanted to use msnlib via http-proxy, inside IMFish and python's urllib doesn't supports https over proxy, and httplib isn't asyncronous and keeps compatibility with lots of things that are we don't need and removing them let us make our code cleaner (only a bit cleaner :-) ).
Por que?
Porque queria usar msnlib a traves de un proxy-http, dentro de IMFish y urllib de python no soporta https sobre proxy, y httplib no es asincronica y mantiene compatibilidad con cosas que no necesitamos y quitarlas nos posibilita hacer nuestro codigo mas limpio (solo un poco :-) )
Cvs imported on sourceforge. It's functional and has examples, but now I don't have time to make a package :-(
Importado el cvs a sourceforge. Es funcional e incluye ejemplos, pero no tengo tiempo ahora para hacer un paquete :-( Logo